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Web design

Web design can be seen as a mix of creative and technical work. Creative artistic work includes construction of individual graphics and visual elements, text formatting. Technical work includes the layout of these elements most often by code used by the relevant standard is then displayed on the output device (usually the monitor). Web design most approaches to architecture. As the main purpose of architecture is to design a building fully perform their functions, and web design main objective is to design a site to perform its functions – to inform, advertise and sell. Whether you need a personal website, web presentation, online store, we will help you achieve optimal results.
What makes a website usable is its functionality and appearance. Easy to navigate, well structured and selected content and aesthetics are of paramount importance to keep the attention of users on the site. People respond positively when things are clear and understandable.

Why to book website development with us?


web design

Anyone can create your website, but ITGstudio will find everything you need more than one website and it is a digital marketing presence. With us build your website design starts with a detailed study of your business and target audience. Through the study of every aspect of your business and marketing strategy, we strive to useful and functional information architecture, it is extremely important both for consumers and for search engines.
Creation of a concept for your site survey, online marketing, entry of text, web site design, its SEO search engine optimization, including its internet reputation are your vision and web presentation.
All mandatory elements for the success of your site from one place: ITGstudio!

  1. The site is just the beginning

    After completion of the initial projects and launch them on the Internet, current customers ITGstudio if they wish can take advantage of various types and type of SEO (search engine optimization) packages, and receive routine checks design backup site analysis keywords, descriptions and analysis of the titles in the text. This process of site optimization will ensure not only looks nice and tidy, but also brings you new customers and deliver new revenue.

  2. Imagine this …

    Visitors to your site are new and do not know what to expect, having entered the site and expect a warm hospitable welcome in a gourmet restaurant.
    But alas, they will not get what they get an explosion of emotions, blast standard, converted and delivered in a new and irresistible way rushing them serenely beautiful and unique design that is breathtaking and causing them to deal more and more new pages products or services from your website. This will convert visitors into raging cautious experimenters.

  3. How you ask?

    Most good practice more design that is informed by the strategy, research, collaboration, practice hours, fifteen years experience natural secrets of the kitchen and a ton of talent.

    In ITGstudio, we are fanatics on design and usability and do everything possible to ensure that we deliver a great user experience through our interface designs. We believe that design is not just about good pixels; it is to submit data and information in the simplest, most – beautiful and most intuitive way.

  4. Mobile Responsive уеб дизайн

    With the increase in the types of devices, users now have access to the websites of various screen sizes, such as mobile phones and tablets. This is very important so that your website is compatible and works flawlessly on all possible types of screens and devices. ITGstudio create responsive designs that are compatible with all screen sizes.

    Mobile Responsive Design

    Responsive web design allows you to build Web sites that provide optimal viewing experience in a wide range of devices, whether you’re on a smartphone or monitor with a large screen. Responsive design allows for easy reading and navigation without subservience of resizing, panning and scrolling, as well as optimize the time and cost of building a custom mobile applications for major platforms.

    Flexible vision

    Over a third of consumers when they come online on a site, use their smartphones actually mobile and tablet browsing is expected to replace desktop-based access within three to five years. This page, in which you right now, believe it or not, receives more than 31 percent of its traffic from smartphones and tablets.

    Whether your website is built with technology: recognizable – responsive design not only automatically scale the content of the extremely wide range of screen sizes, but also dynamically to prioritize content and adapt elements of pages depending on the size of the device visualization of the site?

    Why choose Mobile Responsive Design

    Fact: 86% of owners of smartphones and tablets used their devices to find information about your business in the last thirty days. How to effectively reach your audience and ensure its understanding is positive and recognizable through your website, no matter the size of the platform or the screen? We stopped to try to deal with endless new resolutions and devices that could potentially gain access to your site. Instead, we build websites that adapt and respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

    Responsive design gives us the freedom to build a site that can be changed dynamically to fit the screen of each user and platform. The application of different media and browsers allows us to focus not only certain classes of devices, but also the actual recognition of the physical characteristics of the device. We attach priority to both the content and strategic choices as elements of change in the text or images on the website, but repositioning as highlighting contact information and social media elements when the user is viewing the site on a smartphone or change size and clarity text when the user is on a tablet.

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