Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Internet is the new environment in which increasingly moving as the advertising market and trade as a whole. Increasingly, customers are looking for the needed goods through the Internet, and more merchants offer it there.

What is Internet marketing?

Well it is primarily to clarify what it is not. Internet marketing (Web marketing) is not a campaign and not a single act. Web marketing is not sending advertising e-mails to whom you fall and putting up banners where you can.
It is often said that online business has nothing to do with traditional marketing. But this is not true. Traditional Marketing and solid foundation that should not be forgotten that without internet marketing would become like a soap bubble.
• As in real life and on the Internet, together with trade and marketing goes. Market research, product positioning, building marketing mix, marketing strategy and so on..
• On the Internet, however, all these elements of marketing acquire new character, different from that of “normal” trade. Intervene and new, hitherto unknown elements of marketing such as traffic development, search engine optimization, online promotions and more.
• It is essential that the marketing methods and tools used on the Internet to know well and used professionally. The mechanical transfer of marketing approaches of “ordinary” Internet marketing can lead to unpredictable, often deplorable results.
Here are some of the stages in the process of web marketing:

  • Definition of the product
  1. Study of Competition on the Internet
    2. Select Product
    3. Develop pricing for Internet
    4. Development of a promotional policy for Internet
    • Design website
    1. Define objectives
    2. Definition of target group clients
    3. Definition of active functionalities
    4. Define keywords and preparation of texts online
    5. Define navigation
    6. Develop a color scheme and original graphic
    7. Building, testing and installation of site
    • Optimize Site
  2. Establishment of a site’s ranking in search engines
    2. Definition of evaluation criteria optimization
    3. optimize the keywords and texts on the site
    4. Monitoring and analysis of a site’s ranking on Google
    5. Changes in keywords and content as a result of the above analysis
  • Promotion and support of site
  1. Build a database of visitors – potential customers
    2. Conduct of advertising and promotional campaigns on the Internet
    3. Monitoring and analyzing the results of campaigns
    4. Change the content and structure of the site as a result of the analyzes
    5. Continuous monitoring and analysis of site visitation
    6. Changes in structure and content, resulting in this analysis

Perhaps you noticed that I listed here and the preliminary design phase and construction of the site. Yes, this is the most important. Web marketing is the process of positioning the product in the market, but to be successful in this position, it takes the whole site to be consistent with the objectives set by the marketing strategy.


Why online marketing is so important?


Web marketing is the process of building and developing the position of your company in the Internet environment. This includes both the subjective perception of your company from users and technical construction and development of your site, its positioning in the search engines, the development of his attendance and usability. Therefore, lending the importance of online marketing is fully justified. For this reason, more and more often used terms such as: SEO, copywriter, SEO copywriter, content management, e-mail marketing, keyword research, content management, social media, affiliate marketing, online advertising, online reputation, etc. In short, there are many Internet marketing tools. Among the most discussed are: SEO (search engine optimization), online advertising, social media and blogs, e-mails, reputation management, etc. Again let me emphasize that these are all tools that have one goal – to attract more customers to increase profits (less profit is not given only cash). Handling tools of Internet Marketing can attract customers and profits, and the skillful use of them can guarantee the long-term, stable and profitable business results.

This quartet is undoubtedly at the heart of any marketing strategy

  • Product or service
    • The price (value) of this product. The price does not necessarily monetary.
    • Promotion of product or service.
    • The place and manner in which the product will be distributed.

But in the four missing something, and that something essential! Missing the most important – people. Today people are more interconnected than ever. This is the main feature that distinguishes the traditional internet marketing. The element that defines the markets:

  • People decide whether they like a product;
    People decide whether they like the price of the product;
    People decide whether they approve his way of advertising (PR);
    People decide whether the site (or how) to purchase is convenient …

You probably already guessed why online marketing is so decisive?
Through Online Marketing You can:

  • Increase market share
    • Height of your dividends
    • Ability to identify new markets and horizons for your business or organization
    • Increase your audience of customers, suppliers, partners or people who talk about you or your business or organization
    • Connectivity with the world of your business or organization
    • 24h. 7 days a week, 365 days a year your online shop or office work for you
    • Increase your image
    • Non-stop PR for you and your business or organization

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