SuperHosting.BG are a company focused its activities in the field of hosting uslugite.Pod this brand the company offers its services: web hosting, domain registration, virtual and dedicated servers, publishing and install SSL certificates, and more. In recent years, SuperHosting.BG established itself as the fastest growing hosting company on the Bulgarian market.

The main objective

The main goal of our company is to provide efficient and reliable solutions to customers that choose our uslugite.Za accomplish this goal, we rely on the excellent qualified sales and technical team of proven professionals, as well as the exceptional quality and tested technique with guaranteed origin.


By its very appearance on the market, SuperHosting.BG established itself as the fastest growing hosting company. This certainly is the fact that in the middle na2010 on our company supports more than 23,000 active website and registered for our customers over 25,000 domeyna.Samo five years from the start of our business in competition with many actively offering web hosting companies, SuperHosting.BG took first place in the ranking number hostnati domain Bulgarian market. The data are based on representative international rating ( are formed on the basis of actual number of hosted domains. In response to the ever increasing number of customers, we are continually expanding our range napredlaganite services, their team and the technical skills to ensure the best quality of service in Bulgaria and lightning reaktsiyapri any problem. Expanding its team of professionals, we strive to give a chance to many young Bulgarian professionals to find their vocation in the IT sector and in our company.


Hosting world-class!

Our clients have different requirements, goals and direction of their projects, so we by ICN.Bg offer a choice between two data center, collocated respectively in Germany and Bulgaria. So our customers can offer the closest access point to its users. 


TMB is an advertising agency, whose main goal is focused mainly on graphic design and print production of various promotional materials. We can be helpful in many areas.


image_39.jpgPhoto and Video Studio ” Parkov ” started its activity in 1991 . Its founders were John Park and Petya Park . thanks
their experience and professionalism , the studio is established in the market with many professional equipment at that time. Early in its development studio ” Parkov ” has professional equipment / video cameras , photo equipment, tripods , lighting / . In time, the studio was always current with the opportunities and the development of audio, video and photo equipment .

Our work – these are your memories . With our capabilities and experience will be helpful with what we do . The main activities that we can offer our services as:

=> Video capture and video editing

=> Wedding , fashion , artistic , children and family photography


comnetComnet Bulgaria Holding builds and operates the network type Passive Optical Network (PON) .This is a network of the type point to multipoint”, which uses multiplexing using different wavelengths, to ensure the work in full duplex on a single fiber, which by passive splitters reached by the operator to the home of the end user.

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