Technical Support

Why do you need technical support?

Unfortunately, the site is intangible and it is not obvious what happens when you do not maintain it. But the car analogy is very accurate. In the digital world, things change not by days, but by hours, and this is an indisputable fact. Search engines are constantly having new requirements and algorithms, and sites are becoming more susceptible to hacker attacks. This in turn leads to risks that at some point can lead to malfunction of the site “X”, which is a problem for its owner for a number of reasons. Left without maintenance and supervision of the site after a while, it stops working properly. In addition, it stops being up to date as well as ranking well. Customers come across old content that makes them lose trust and interest in the business.

Whether you are a small or large company with an information site, a large online store or portal, you will need professional technical support on your site to be well positioned in the search engine rankings.

We are always here and we will help you. You can choose one of our subscription support plans. You can request one-time services or just call us when you need help. Modern sites need more and more support. It is a complete care for your website, portal or online store. The support guarantees trouble-free and long-term operation of the website or online store. Many of our customers have trusted us for the technical support of their site. Management, security and proper operation of each site is extremely important, it also affects the search engine rankings. Support may include: monitoring the proper operation of the website, data protection, consulting, updating the system and tools, working with hosting companies, working with email addresses, regular backups, quick response to technical problems or hacker attacks, and more.

What are the maintenance options?

There are several options for technical support of the site and more, and with us the client chooses:

– the site owner to maintain it himself,

– to hire competent and qualified staff / this is mandatory for an e-shop / to deal with maintenance

– hiring a specialized external company.

The latter option is best when the site has an informational or presentation nature, the changes are made once a week or less often. In this case, the maintenance would cost several tens of levs per month, depending on the type of site.

What do we offer?

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