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Request for Website Development (Application 1)

Please fill in our Survey (Application 1) for Website Development, which will greatly help to create a truly professional website on our part for you – our customers. If you find the application complicated and long, please fill in at least the part with the required fields marked with *, which can give us the most general idea about you, your business and the products / services you offer. We remain at your disposal for any questions.

    What are the sub-goals and specific tasks of the site?
    searching for clientsfacilitating work with current clientsdisseminating informationgathering information

    What will be the content of the site:
    Information siteOnline StorePortal SiteOther - advertising, forums, search engines, pollsAll in one (all of the above)

    Will the site have foreign language versions? In which languages? How will the information for the foreign language versions be provided:
    by a professional translatorby the assignor / you /

    Will you need maintenance and promotion of the site?

    General Terms and Conditions
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