Here in ITGstudio have the opportunity to experience something new, beautiful and functional, namely:


  1. Banner design

    The banner is a graphic image that is placed in the website of a third party for advertising and traffic to the site to enable users to fall on the advertiser’s site (owner of the banner). This type of advertising is usually – distributed.

  2. Logos design

    Logo design is an important area of application of graphic design. The graphic design of the logo is an extremely important part of the product, brand or organization through which transmit certain values and messages must be clear and understood by consumers.

  3. Graphic design

    Creation of any type of graphic projects for your business

    The graphic design is a process in which the visual information is given a form and structure. It is a science with its own philosophy and history which crosses artistic creative and printing tools for the design of printed materials. ITGstudio creates a challenging, surprising, gripping original graphic design solutions that ensure quality and tangible impact on your brand.

  4. Link Building – building links

    Link building

    Simply put, link building is building links (the process of building good quality and relevant links – links, links) to external websites to your website. This is a tedious and time-consuming activity, but play a major role in ranking your website higher on Google and other search engines. Our link building strategies designed to build and maintain a strong and diverse link profile for websites of our customers to improve the optimization:

  5. Additional services

    The entire range of services can be found in The page “Services”


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