Terms and Conditions

Below be defined as a contract for construction of Website:

In order site online through the website: https://itgstudio.com or in office of the company, owned by “ITGstudio” Ltd. You agree to the following:

The parties agreed to the following:

Object of the contract:

PRINCIPAL awarded to the PERFORMER to perform the following services:

WEB SITE on specific requirements of the client.

I. Production of website

1. The PRINCIPAL shall perform the contract for the construction of a website, depending on the model (pattern) and requirements of the client – PERFORMER.

2. PRINCIPAL will pay the CONTRACTOR the amount for web site at: agreed amount (choice of web package – in lev without VAT (the company is not registered for VAT, so the prices are without VAT, but prices are final and no appreciation) includes website development, explained – detail Art. II, 4.2, 4.2.1

2.1 If the contracting authority has paid the full amount of this contract for the construction of a website it in Article II, 4.2.1 lapse.

3. The amount will be paid in cash or by bank transfer to the account of:

“ITGstudio” Ltd.

3.1 Bank account of “ITGstudio” Ltd.

ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) AD

IBAN: BG47PRCB92301042960911


4. The order is to be delivered within 20 working days of receipt of all materials, such as text, images, etc., Which will be submitted by e-mail, electronically or in paper form by the owner.

4.1 The contract shall enter into force on the date stamp on the materials of art. I, Item 4 and commence implementation deadline of 20 working days for making the website.

II. Requirements for creating a web site:

1. Specific requirements for the creation of websites defined in the Contract.

1.1 Request for web site (Appendix 1) is an integral part of this contract and in it in the form of survey Principal orient Contractor for the construction of a website according to his needs and criteria (desires, the colors, the look of the site, etc.).

2. Structure of the website:

2.1 Static pages – pages of the website with size in screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels, realized with the resources of HTML.

2.2 Dynamic pages – pages of a website dynamically generated using PHP / MySQL code running on the server. A dynamic page can generate content of many pages with identical or similar content.

2.3 Administrative Panel is where you can do all kinds of changes to your site. Each dynamic site has such a system. Through this panel you can post new articles, edit old, delete old, add multilingualism and many others. CMS system allows you to make simple edits without having any concept of programming. With a few mouse clicks can make your desired changes.

2.4 Level of complexity – the complexity of programming or web design of the website, defined by the Contractor through exemplary realized projects.

2.5 Basic structure – pre-designed structure of the website with desired locations on the main navigation elements.

2.6 Modules – pre-programmed part of the website, which performs certain functionality across the site and are payable only once.

2.7 Graphic design – design of pre-designed websites, with a proposal for the distribution of major elements, color scheme and structure of information.

2.8. Monitoring for any resulting potential problems with the operation of the website – bugs decays , hacker attacks and others. is carried out by ” hosting company ” , where the site is.

3. The process of making web site

3.1 PRINCIPAL should provide materials, such as text and images, passwords for hosting and domain if you bought those necessary for making the website within 10 working days by e-mail, electronically or on paper described under Art. I, item 4 and item 4.1 of this contract.

3.2 PRINCIPAL shall approve or reject the proposed grounded functionality, the site within 5 working days of their submission.

3.3 The lack of comment on any of the proposed features of the site shall be deemed to consent of the contracting authority and the CONTRACTOR shall have the right to determine the optimal solution.

3.4 Changing the structure or design of the site is further agreed and shall be paid according to the tariffs of the CONTRACTOR and complexity.

3.5 The CONTRACTOR shall make the initial filling of the website content, as long as the conditions under Art. II, Item. 3.1.

3.6 PRINCIPAL paid work on the website, which is carried out directly by the CONTRACTOR. Introduction of additional information within Content management system not pay as long as it is within the agreed initial filling of the site with the content and within the paid package, described in Art. II, section 3.7 and t.3.7.1.

3.7 PRINCIPAL orders and the CONTRACTOR undertakes to perform the ordered services by the Employer as follows: Development of on site name (domain) http: // ………………. ………………………………………….. … which is selected by the owner at the date of signing of this contract.

3.7.1 For the last upload product images and text into account, the part with support website, which is not included in this contract.

3.8 If you have not submitted materials as, text, images and more. within the agreed period referred to in the relevant contract – the content of the site is filled at the discretion of the executive or left blank, as in both cases – PRINCIPAL full amount due under the contract, even if the contract is terminated under Art. III, item 3 point – / is.

4. Rights and obligations of the contracting entity:

4.1 provide the implementing all necessary data and its materials to perform the contract.

4.2 Pay to the amount agreed for making web site at:

Agreed amount on selected web package

4.2.1 Pay to the entire amount of art. I point 2, also described in Art. II, 4.2 or to pay the deposit of 60% – of the total amount of art. II, 4.2, and the rest – 40% upon receipt of the order, the data administration, passwords and accounts provided by the CONTRACTOR, after full payment of the contract by the contracting authority. Equivalency invoice issued by deducting the advance (advance payment of 60%) given in the beginning at the start of the contract, then signed acceptance protocol in duplicate for each party to issue the order.

4.3 PRINCIPAL has the right at any time to obtain information on the stage of completion of the website.

4.4 PRINCIPAL has the right to change the structure of the contract, if his actions do not contradict 3.4. If the change will result in any significant amount of re-work, he is obliged to pay an additional sum required amount.

5. Rights and obligations of the CONTRACTOR:

5.1 To perform the contract as required by the PRINCIPAL with due diligence and in the best interests of the client – PRINCIPAL.

5.2 Implement the site with content originally submitted by the owner of up to 50 pages (inside pages) of the site.

5.3 The CONTRACTOR shall not getting products on the site, but is obliged to make subsequent training PRINCIPAL work platform, which is positioned site.

5.4 When required to immediately notify the contracting authority for the results of performance of the contract.

5.5 To keep and not disclose confidential information provided by the Contracting Authority.

5.6 The CONTRACTOR shall provide the Contracting Authority all data, accounts and passwords necessary for the administration of the website after it has completed the contract and paid the full amount of its rightful remuneration, if not agreed.

III. General

1. This Agreement may be amended by written consent of the parties.

2. This contract is for a period of one year from the date of signature.

3. This contract is terminated:

a / by mutual written agreement of the parties;

b / month with unilateral application;

in / termination of any contractual relationship;

d / in non-payment of amounts due under the contract.

e / at expiry of the contract

is / failure to submit materials (images and text) necessary for the implementation of the order

4. Additional provisions.

and / Terms and Conditions and text are owned by “ITGstudio” Ltd and any copying of information or text from the current total catch or any text in the company website: https://itgstudio.com or a client of the firm, respectively website, logo, banner, graphic design or any information without notice made from ” ITGstudio” Ltd. will be considered improper and grossly interfere with the rights of the company or third parties, respectively customers of the company and will be referred to current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

For any questions not covered in this contract, the provisions of the CPA and the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The parties will resolve any disputes arising in the performance of this contract by mutual agreement, and failing that – under the CPC.


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