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Our Cookies Policy


Our Cookies Policy

What is Cookies?


Cookies is just a text-based information series that the website transfers to the browser’s cookie file on your computer hard drive so the website can remember who you are. Cookies can help the website sort the content to respond more quickly to your preferences – most major websites use cookies. Cookies can not be used by themselves to identify you.

Cookies typically contain the name of the domain from which it came; The “time of life” of the cuookie; and a value, usually a randomly generated unique number.
Two types of cookies are used on this website:

1.Current cookies that remain in your browser’s cookie file until you leave the site.

2. Permanent Cookies that remain in your browser’s cookie file for a longer period of time (the length of which depends on the specific cookie’s lifetime).

How cookies are used on this site and what information is collected.
Temporary Cookies are used:

to allow you to transfer information through the pages of our site without having to re-enter information;
to allow you access to the stored information during registration. Permanent Cookies are used:
to help us recognize you as a unique visitor (using a number, you can not be personally identified) when you return to our site;
to allow us to offer content and ads that are relevant to your interests, or to avoid repeatedly displaying the same ads;
to collect anonymous, aggregated statistics to allow us to understand how visitors are using our site and to help us improve its structure. We can not personally identify you this way
Third-party cookies

Third countries use cookies through this site. They are used for the following purposes:
to serve ads on our site and to track whether visitors clicked on these ads;
to control how often you see a certain ad;
to update the content to your preferences;
to determine the number of anonymous visitors to our site;
to take care of security in shopping carts or transactions.
Web counters

Some of our web pages may contain electronic images, known as web counters (sometimes known as clear guts), which allows us to count the users who visited these pages. Web counters collect only limited information that includes the cookie number; the time and date of the page view; and description of the page on which the web counter is located. We may also be carriers of web counters posted by third-party advertisers. These counters do not carry any personal identifying information and are used only to track the performance of a campaign.
Turn off and enable cookies

You have the ability to accept or reject cookies by changing your browser settings. However, you may not be able to use all the interactive features on our site if the cookies are disabled. If you wish to be warned before a cookie is accepted on your hard drive, the following instructions follow:
If you are using Netscape Navigator 3.0:

Go to ‘Options’ menu / ‘Options’
Click ‘Network Preferences’ / ‘Network Setup’
Click ‘Protocols’
Highlight ‘Show an alert before accepting a cookie’ field / ‘Show a warning before accepting a cookie’
Go to your Netscape folder
Delete ‘cookies.txt’, this will delete all cookies
Under Windows 95, you also need to use the ‘Find’ / ‘Search’ function in the start menu to locate ‘cookies.txt’.
In Internet Explorer 3.0:

Go to the ‘View’ / ‘Browse’
Click ‘Options’ / ‘Options’. Click ‘Advanced’
Highlight the box ‘Warn before accepting cookies’ / ‘Warn before accepting cookies’
Go to the cookies directory
Delete all the files you have there, this will delete all cookies
Once you delete these files, you will no longer have cookies and will be warned whenever a website attempts to send a cookie to your computer. Then you can either choose ‘Accept’ / ‘Accept’ or ‘Cancel’ / ‘Deny’ a cookie.
If you are using Netscape 4.0+:

Go to ‘Edit’ / ‘Edit’ in the menu bar
Click ‘Preferences’ / ‘Preferences’
Click ‘Advanced’ / ‘Advanced’
Highlight the ‘Warn me before accepting cookies’ field / ‘Warn me before accepting cookies’
Now go to the ‘Start’ / ‘Start’
Click ‘Find’ Click ‘Files and Folders’ / ‘Files and Folders’
Type “cookies.txt” in the search box that appears
Click ‘Find Now’ / ‘Find Now’
When the search results appear, drag all the listed files to ‘Recycle Bin’ and this will delete all cookies
Then turn off and restart

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