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Anyone can create a website for you, but in ITGstudio you will find everything you need. Professional website building is much more than text and photos on the Internet, it is a process of overall marketing presence, vision, image and results. With us, the process of creating a website starts with designing with a detailed study of your business and target audience. By researching every aspect of your business and marketing strategy, we strive for a useful and functional information architecture, this is extremely important for both users and search engines. We build websites with responsive / adaptive design (in English: responsive web design, RWD), creative branded vision with the latest technologies. Product in line with the activity, vision and requirements of the customer. Each website created by us has a CMS (content management system), versions for tablet, smartphone and computer, etc. Creating a concept for your site, research, online marketing, text entry, web site design, its SEO for search engines, including its Internet reputation are your vision and presentation on the Internet.

Free consultations and advice for any new or current client, video training. All the necessary elements for the success of your site from one place: ITGstudio!

Web design and concept

Web design can be seen as a mixture of creative and technical work. The creative work includes artistic production of the individual graphic and visual elements, text formatting. The technical work involves the arrangement of these elements most often by code, which through the relevant standard used is then visualized on an output device (usually a monitor). Web design comes closest to architecture. As the main goal of architecture is to design a building that fully performs its functions, so the main goal of web design is to design a site that performs its functions – to inform, advertise and sell. Whether you need a personal website, web presentation, online store, we will help you achieve optimal results.

What makes a website usable is its functionality and vision. Easy navigation, well-structured and selected content and aesthetic appearance are of paramount importance to keep the attention of users on the site. People react positively when things are clear and understandable.

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