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ITGstudio respects the personal sphere of anyone who visits its websites. Any information you receive will be used to fulfill the service you require, to inform you about new products and services, and to improve your service. Your data will be handled in accordance with the legal provisions of the European Union and the particular country. Information about you will not be disclosed to anyone outside ITGstudio, its subsidiaries or affiliates and dealers.
The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to describe the types of information we collect from you when you visit our pages and explain how we use this information. PERSONAL DATA PROTECTIONWe protect personal data in strict accordance with the principles of the European Union Framework Directive information, and in particular EU Directive 95/46 / EC.
Any information you choose to provide to us will be stored on a secure computer server in Bulgaria through Certified Hosting Providers that meet all the security requirements of your servers. The server software (SSL) encrypts all the information you provide us.

This ensures that the data we store for you is used legally and honestly. Our goal is to ensure that personal data stored will be accurate and only in the required volume. We will update the data and will not store the information longer than necessary. We will store the data in a secure way to prevent unauthorized access by others. You have the right to see what information is stored for you and to correct any inaccuracies.

ITGstudio will not share or provide without your consent any personal information about you to third parties. We can share aggregate information about the nature of site visitors with partners or other parties in such a way that individual visitors can not be identified. It is possible to visit our site without providing personal details. But without registration, you will not be able to receive additional messages from us.

We collect your personal data through a registration form – a request for a web site order, a seo package or another service from us.
This information may include data such as name, email address, country and preferred language.

We use this information:

1 to make your visit more enjoyable;
2 to send you relevant information about products and services;
3 to send you sometimes emails about products and services that we think would be of interest to you.

You can tell us at any time by email if you do not want to receive more messages from us.

In the event that you have allowed us to use your personal information for the purposes described above, we may sometimes disclose that information to a company or organization to which we provide the right to e-mail or otherwise direct marketing communications on our behalf , Hosting Services and the corresponding Hosting Companies for example – Where Hosting Your Website. If this happens, we guarantee that any third party company handling your information will comply with the relevant data protection laws.

Every time you surf the site to read pages or download information, our computers automatically record certain information about your visit from the computer you use to access our website.

This information does not personally identify you. It only shows us how many visitors are browsing our site and what computer they use. With this information, we can improve our site for all our visitors and make it more useful for you.

The information includes the following:
1 date and time of your visit.
2 how many and what pages you look at during our visit to our site and how long your stay is there.
the name of your internet domain (this may be your ISP such as aol.com or your workplace) and the ‘IP’ address (this is a number attached to your computer when browsing the Internet) that allows you access our site.
4 Internet browser you are using (eg Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Netscape) and your computer’s operating system (eg Windows 98, XP, 7, 8, 10)
5 site you were in before contacting itgstudio.com (eg Yahoo if you found us with this search engine)

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