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15 year old Bulgarian student among finalists at the Google Science Fair 2013

15 year old Bulgarian Hristo Staikov is one of the regional finalists of the prestigious Google Science Fair 2013 and will compete for honors in the giant network of excellence.

Today Google announced the 90 finalists in the 2013 Google Science Fair, and 15 finalists for the prize Science in Action Award. This year, various projects were more international and diverse in comparison to last year, with thousands of applications from more than 120 countries worldwide.

15 year old Bulgarian Hristo Staikov is one of the regional finalists. In the piece, he is a student at High School of Mathematics “Dr Petar Beron” in Varna. Christo won project “Dynamic evaluation network path” Dynamic road conditioning network “, which is composed of two parts: applications for web visualization and spatial data collection.

The project aims to show the status of the road to help drivers in choosing the safest route and to assist in the prioritization of roads in need of repair.

As one of the regional winners in the category of 15-16 year olds Staikov can take one of the prizes, which include a scholarship from Google, amounting to $ 25 000, a unique experience with other partners in the event the companies LEGO, CERN, and GOOGLE , individual award from LEGO (LEGO unique colorful mosaic that is provided for each winner in a team), a special box LEGO, which was created exclusively for the event, or digital access to school participant, to the archives of the magazine Scientific American.

Recently, two giants in the field of technology collide. The fight between Samsung and Apple gave numerous sacrifices and the winner is far from clear. Whether the innovations that have not yet appeared on the market, Apple will not engage in even more ruthless war with another world leader – Google? It seems that soon the two companies will enter the market with products that aim to change the way we interact with the world around us.

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