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Websites that have a mobile version will be better positioned by Google as of April 21, 2015. at the expense of those who are not oriented to mobile devices or have not taken action in this direction.

Websites designed and engineered for mobile use will have an advantage in positioning themselves in Google search results. The change in the algorithm will take effect on April 21 this year simultaneously worldwide, the search engine announced. The positioning of the sites will also be affected by the information of indexed search applications that are installed on the user’s devices. The changes will affect mobile demand.

търсене-мобилни устройства“More and more users are using mobile devices on the Internet, and our search algorithms need to adapt to the new reality,” explains Google. As a result, the so-called “Mobile-friendly” websites will be given priority when searching on mobile devices.

Google has taken a number of steps to date to improve the search process for mobile users. In the summer of 2014, the process of marking sites that may not work on mobile devices began – these are mostly resources that use Flash, after which the mark “mobile-friendly” sites appeared in the search results, the tag is located exactly between title and meta description.

With these upcoming changes, Google hopes that sites that don’t have a mobile version will be encouraged to take steps to create one. Websites that already have a mobile version are provided by Google with a number of SEO tools.

date of publication of the publication: 04.04.2015

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