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New Algorithm of Google’s SEO optimization site

I guess a lot of people they are interested in what is SEO optimization, what animal is and what kind of work I do.

So here it is, if you have a very beautiful site and nobody knows about it except yourself, this is SEO optimization, but in this case there is no simple one. A good SEO optimization comes with so-called. “Search engine” and we will focus on a best – and most popular – used in the country according to many statistics (about 97% of people in Bulgaria using Google), namely Uncle Google.


Uncle Google has a search algorithm and a bunch of other complicated stuff, but important point on what to focus on one site owner:

1. Good team of specialists, for example, we – or quickie people who know what they are doing

2. Website filled with “unique content”

3. Good SEO optimization of the site itself

4. Good maintenance at the time of the site itself

5. Filled with “unique content” in the time of the site (text + photos + video)

These things above are met you will look good, well-functioning and well-positioned site. And it is under new algorithms Google – no longer need to make many entries in directories, catalogs, Forums, Classifieds and a bunch of other things, and constantly sharing on social networks. And the most important thing is “unique content” on your site, we that is why everywhere you put in quotation marks to find out that this is important – the message that will leave your customers, partners, distributors, etc. And most important – is the creation and subsequent build up and promote your image in the global network to build a true – Brand!

And this is the thinnest point that many colleagues do not understand – not to impose the keywords and the name with a capital “I” 🙂 Your signature – Your Brand 🙂

Leaders of ITGstudio

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