Google now supports search and hashtag – #

You’ve probably seen this sign many times – # (hash called him before, musical term). And you probably already know that is called hashtag from English hashtag.

Hashtag unites many posts, tweets or posts on one topic. Positions of all the people who do not know, but write as the same event can be traced, it is precisely this hashtag helps.

For example, if you organize a conference, concert or other mass event is right in advance to give the event hashtag. Announce it on posters, vinyl, passes, invitations, social networks, by email. All who attend the event can write using this symbol. This allows people who are not there also monitor remote event, virtually.

Although hashtag craze has existed for quite some time, then Google and does not offer this type of search words in the popular search engine. Better late than never.

Google officially announced that it now supports search and search hashtagove.

At present, however, the service is only available to customers in Canada and the U.S., and there are a great catch – results do not go posts from Facebook and Twitter.

The only social network that will appear when you search in a search engine is hashtagove Google+ – their social network of Google. From the technology giant will appear only the pages themselves on Facebook and Twitter, when you enter a search hashtag, but not the specific results of the two most popular social networks.
Part of Google’s innovations and function appear not hashtagove most recent and the most popular ones. The curious thing is that search engines are increasingly trying to integrate Google+ with your other services and this is one of the most important steps to achieving this, experts say.

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